As I chip away slowly at the creation of this site, adding to it bit by bit until it finally includes the things I've made and done so far that I consider salient to my current self, I find myself humbled floored by the professionalism and support of various individuals.


Darrin Higgins is an exceptional Visual Communicator. Darrin encouraged me to build this site on squarespace. Together with a friend he generated the custom toggle that flips between English and Spanish on certain sections of the site, besides lending his flawless eye to matters of layout, size, and font selection. This site uses squarespace's "Forte" template.


Although I was born in Colombia, and although I read and dream in both languages, my English is much, much better than my Spanish. I am deeply indebted to the expertise of professional translators Jesús Rivera and Elisa Cabal for their precise and fluid renditions of my texts into Spanish.


Where possible, I have attempted to credit the photographers who applied their expertise to the documentation of my work just below the images for which they are responsible. David Ettinger, Michael Soto, Tom Van Eynde, Clare Britt, and Jordan Schulman make much better photographs than I do; there's simply no substitute for their solid instincts and years of experience. 

Student Work

I expect to flesh out the Teaching section of this site during the latter half of August, 2014. Students whose work is featured will also be credited in this space.